Not only can you trust us to clean and valet the inside to the highest standard but we will do it in a safe and reliable manner leaving it shining like the day it was fitted

Customer Conservatory - Bluestone
The inside of your conservatory is one of the most difficult and complex rooms of your home to clean. The angles of the roof panels make it almost impossible for you as a homeowner to clean the roof safely yourself.

Our expert cleaning team are highly trained and give a level of attention to detail that will make you glad you didn’t trust anyone else with the inside of your home. We don’t just provide a solution to your cleaning needs we are the solution.

Our full internal cleaning and valeting service will ensure you can spend many happy hours enjoying your conservatory and not thinking about how dirty the glass is.

The Work Comprises:

  • All fans and lights carefully cleaned and polished
  • UPVC roof bars and central column cleaned and polished
  • All glass or polycarbonate roof panels cleaned and polished
  • All window frames and doors cleaned and polished
  • All windows cleaned and polished
  • Window and door casements including runners and seals cleaned
  • Lubricate all locks and hinges on doors and windows
  • All ledges wiped and polished
  • Floors swept and cleaned

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